Import services are from DHL or FedEx, if you want to import you have to notify us in advance and follow these steps.

  1. You must write to the email with the subject "Import Express DHL or FedEx" depending on the transport company you want. In addition to indicating what products you want and quantities.
  2. You must wait for the preliminary order to be sent to you according to the data you provided in the email for your approval.
  3. Once the preliminary order has been approved, you will proceed to make the payment for it when an email is sent to you to do so.
  4. After the payment is made, you will be sent the commercial invoice in which we put the names, quantities and value of the products you ordered.
  5. Once with the commercial invoice you will find all the data you will need to carry out the DHL or FedEx guide, you will have to write down the collection data and the descriptions that must be exact as it is on the commercial invoice that was sent.
  6. Once this is prepared, you should wait for us to confirm that the package is ready so that you can schedule the pick-up.
  7. After the package has been picked up, you will only have to wait for it to arrive, in addition to being attentive to any communication that DHL could make to you.

Note: The shipment will be paid by you to DHL or FedEx directly, we will make the preliminary order discounting the shipping cost.
The same procedure applies if you have or plan to have your own DHL or FedEx account.


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