AJO SACHA PASTE / 10gr at 1kg - (Mansoa Alliacea) - 100% Pure Paste Extract

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Ajo Sacha Paste (Mansoa Alliacea)

Ajo Sacha In traditional medicine the leaves, stems, and roots are used both externally and internally. It is used to treat rheumatism, maceration by applying the leaves on the wounds. It is used to treat migraine, muscle aches, and arthritis due to its pain-killing properties. Ajo Sacha According to Amazonian healers ajo sacha has analgesic, antirheumatic, antiarthritic, anti-headache, sedative properties. Internally, it strengthens immunity and relieves diseases of the respiratory system additionally it is an effective mosquito repellent.


Ok Natura products are obtained and commercialized in a pure and 100% natural origin to native communities and do not contain any type of pesticide, chemical, herbicide or any other substance that is artificial.


The information on this page is not intended nor should it be used to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent, or mitigate any disease or condition. This product is not sold for human consumption. It is only sold for research, education, and/or incense burning purposes. If you purchase this item, you agree not to ingest it and accept full legal responsibility if you do so.

Customer Reviews

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Christophe Bietry

très bien merci ok natura 😘

Martin Alvarado
good product quality

Tengo 69 años y llevo mucho tiempo sufriendo con el reumatismo de mis brazos y piernas, pero desde que me he consumido el ajo sacha me he sentido mucho mejor, ahora puedo subir las escaleras sin problemas sin mi bastón, yo me siento muy feliz, agradezco a oknatura por todo.

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