HUIRA CASPI PASTE / 10gr at 1kg / - (Tapirira Guianensis) 100% Pure Paste Extract

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HUIRA CASPI PASTE - (Tapirira Guianensis)

 The Huira Caspi is found in the Amazon. It is a huge tree. The bark of the Huira Caspi is yellowish in color, a thick, white, milky latex emanates from the bark, which quickly hardens and acquires a cream color.

The Huira Caspi has small flowers grouped in bunches. Its fruits are very fleshy, ovoid in shape, its color is green when immature and purple when ripe. Huira Caspi wood is used for carpentry in general, as well as in Ayahuasca ceremonies, as a complement for a more satisfactory result.


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Rolando Ampuero
to continue working

Excellent huira paste I have always used in my carpentry, due to the pandemic I could no longer find it anywhere, but I saw that on this page it does comply and more than anything the prices are very cheap, thanks for the good quality oknatura.

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