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About us

Welcome to Ok Natura, we are an indigenous e-commerce that works in a coordinated way with the Ocaina and Kapanawa tribes and culture, that is why we are OK Natura. We offer living experiences in 100% natural products, we bring you closer to the raw materials you need to feel the healing power of our natural medicines.

We also share experiences with other native communities such as the Matses, Shipibos, Ticunas and others, to offer you the purest of our Amazonian nature. Enjoy buying and contributing to the sustainable development of our native communities.

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Why Ok Natura?

•Fair trade for our indigenous families

•Secure shipments with tracking worldwide

• No minimum order quantity

•Safe, very discreet and personalized packaging

• Wegenerate sustainable development for our community

• Weplant more than we harvest

People behind Ok Natura

OK Natura is a family project established in Iquitos, Peru. We buy, plant, exportand distribute ethnobotanical plants and natural products from differentecosystems in Brazil, Colombia and Peru.

Currentlywe work with 01 local family and 02 different indigenous tribes in addition tothe other tribes that we articulate from their communities in the jungle. Weguarantee the best quality of our products, we strive with great love on eachpackage we send, and we are very grateful and satisfied for it.


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Ayahuasca Ok Natura

Ayahuasca shipments

Ayahuasca shipments or any other shipments of extracts in paste, can ONLY be sent by Serpost (National Post of Peru).

DHL Iquitos

Shipping Worldwide Express

We got you covered ! We deliver your goods using DHL expedited shipping.

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