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We are an organization made up of native people of the city of Iquitos, aware of the medicinal importance of many species of native flora of our region and as this is part of the culture of many of our indigenous communities, we want to share and provide part of our privileged biodiversity in a sustainable way to people who, distributed throughout the world, wish to make responsible and educated use of our products in order to contribute to their spiritual well-being

Yes, we currently only have stores on Etsy and Ebay.

We are a group of native families made up mainly of Nicolás and Jhunandiel who are committed to the rational and sustainable use of our natural resources, we work directly with native communities, cooperatives, producers of handicrafts and natural products who seek to preserve our culture inherited by our ancestors. , through the dissemination and commercialization of its products

While it is true, native communities should have the recognition and support of all citizens; Sometimes this fundamental part for the understanding of our origins and the basis of our local identity does not have the respective support to maintain this current cultural wealth, which is why we have seen the opportunity to contribute with the dissemination of our indigenous culture through of this platform reaching exotic or nearby places so that our set of knowledge does not become extinct

We have the support of institutions such as: Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, also of the Decentralized Directorate of Culture of Loreto; in addition to the Regional Directorate of Foreign Trade, Tourism and Crafts


Yes we ship abroad through the postal service of your choice (Serpost National Postal Service or DHL Express, FedEx ) we reach the countries where the chosen mail service is available; We are also attentive to the modifications of the transport companies, whether favorable or limiting due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information send an email to info@oknatura.com

The transit time will be confirmed once your package is delivered to the carrier, depending on the service that the customer chose, if it is by DHL or FedEx  the transit is faster between 10 or 15 working days maximum to receive your product; On the other hand, by Serpost it may take a little longer, being a maximum of 30 to 45 business days to reach its destination, in addition, the shipment is subject to inspections by Customs of each country and the current conditions of each country due to the pandemic.

We use the National Postal Service Serpost or DHL Express, EMS and FedEx .

Once you make your purchase through our website, the preparation time can be between 1 day or 2 at most to have the product ready, pack it and go to the post office of your choice.

The packages are in our Iquitos-Peru warehouse and they are sent by the postal service to Lima, the capital of Peru, where their international transit begins. The packages are sent in coordination with the client on the appropriate packaging in a discreet and personalized way according to their indication, it should be noted that the packaging includes a sealed aluminized bag that protects it from air and humidity depending on the type of product, sometimes it can only be need a sealed plastic bag for protection; Likewise, the coordinated denomination is assigned to make it easier to enter the country of destination and the package is placed inside a manila envelope proceeding to pack it on the outside with packing tape.

In the commercial invoice of the package, the content is declared with the agreed name (explained in the previous question) and according to the limits for the collection of customs taxes in each country, a value is placed on it that as far as possible does not exceed the limit established by Customs this in order not to generate delays in the release of customs inspection in addition to avoiding paying taxes when entering the country of destination. In the case of being several products, whether it is a large package (either in weight or in quantity of products), it will try to place a minimum value of the items, even if it exceeds the limit, it will be a minimum surplus; all under the client’s instructions.

YES we accept minimum shipments without distinction on the weight that the client prefers

Indeed, the shipments we make by Serpos, DHL or FedEx  are traceable with the tracking number that is provided to the client, so that they can check the status of their shipment whenever the client wishes. Shipping by DHL or FedEx  is constantly updated, while Serpost may have a little delay to update the package status.

When the Courier gives us the tracking number of your package, it will be updated in our web store and an email will arrive confirming the tracking number and the link of the Courier to carry out its respective tracking. If you chose shipping by DHL or FedEx  and have any questions, you have the option of contacting the DHL or FedEx  office in your country and verifying the tracking number and its validity.

If the packages are sent to the exact address that the client provides us, this can be their address or they can make their purchase and request that their shipment be made to another city or country and on behalf of another person at the destination. Prior coordination via mail with the exact data of the recipient


Of course, the customer has all the freedom to request to personalize his product with respect to the denomination of the order, the specifications of the value or the appearance of the package according to his preference, it will be prepared with his indications and under his approval the shipment will be made.

If we have rates for wholesale shipments, you can send us an email to provide you with the information you need info@oknatura.com

In the package goes all the data about us (sender) and the recipient data that the client consigns, where it is always recommended to place the main data such as name and surname, exact address, telephone number and email, the latter two basically for the purpose to contact the recipients if necessary; On the other hand, it can also be accompanied by a ticket or invoice pasted on the outside of the package if the client considers it important.


If it is safe, we currently have the support of the Oknatura.com platform which offers us hyper-secure servers making your information safe from hacking. Our 128-bit SSL security certificates are updated every two months, this means that the operation you carry out remains encrypted and secure.

At the moment we have the payment platform Payzen By Lyra, Izipay, Western Union, Money Gram


The products that we send through our indigenous e-commerce store are transported by the Courier available in Iquitos (DHL or FedEx  and Serpost). These only provide us with the export service; in addition to not having the logistical capacity to pay for a shipment back to origin. For this reason, the products received cannot be returned.

If the products are guaranteed since the origin of these products come from families belonging to indigenous communities that are mainly dedicated to the production of the natural products that we offer, that is, the products are 100% natural made by communities with knowledge very rich ancestral with respect to the natural benefits of our plant wealth.

Delays in the delivery of packages are basically due to inspections carried out by customs in each country. If your package experiences delays, you can contact the Courier that is transporting your order and request information and what would be the reason for the delay in order to speed up the delivery process.

Only if the Courier decides that your package is lost, in the case of DHL or FedEX   it will reimburse you for the value of the shipment and the value of the product, on the contrary, Serpost does not reimburse the value of the product or shipping cost. The DHL or FedEx   customer can choose to buy his order again and send it to him by Serpost without any payment, just by giving him a gift card with all expenses included; however orders are not refunded as our sales are final non-refundable. The client by Serpost to not be dissatisfied we can arrange a solution according to our refund policies

The products that are returned by the Courier, if the client wishes, the returned product can be sent back to him, through the Courier Serpost without any additional payment, however if the client does not want it to be sent again according to our policies of refund our sales are final and non-refundable, given the case we can provide you with some alternatives available in our refund policies here

If your product arrives damaged depending on the Courier, DHL or FedEx   opens the claim and we request a resolution in our favor, generating a possibility to choose one of the 2 alternatives according to our refund policies; on the other hand Serpost is not responsible for any loss or damage. Therefore, if the client agrees, we can give them one of our alternatives according to our refund policies that you can find here


Yes, since to provide a better service we need to add the client as part of our platform in this way would have a direct and integrated communication.

Your bank details are not stored in our system in a visible way, all information is protected with the support of Oknatura.com and PayPal; In addition to having the guarantee of 128-bit SSL security certificates from Oknatura.com making your information encrypted and secure

Your phone number and email is important because if your package is under Customs inspection they will be able to contact you as soon as possible to confirm any additional information and expedite the delivery process. In this way we avoid that your package is left behind or abandoned in Customs. Your information will only be shared with the Courier that the customer chooses.


No, we use your personal information to provide you with our services, which include: offering products for sale, processing payments, shipping and receiving your order; As well as to keep you updated on new products, services and offers that are published in our store, it is not used as spam, so if the client does not want to receive updates or notices from us, they can cancel the subscription of their account on our web platform, It should be noted that we limit ourselves to constantly sending emails to our clients.

If you are safe since the use that we give to your data is based on collecting your order and sending your package to the address indicated, considering the manipulation of your data concluded; In addition, we have 128-bit SSL security certificates backed by Oknatura.com making your information free from hacking or being misused

If you want to know more about our privacy policies, you can enter this link: Privacy Privacy Policy

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At Ok Natura, we’re not just an online store – we’re a gateway to a world of natural wonder, cultural enrichment, and sustainable harmony. 🌏✨

🌎 Where Nature Meets Culture: We proudly introduce ourselves as an indigenous e-commerce platform deeply intertwined with the Ocaina and Kapanawa tribes and their rich heritage. We are more than just a marketplace; we are the essence of “OK Natura,” where nature and culture merge to offer you a unique experience.

🌱 Discover the Healing Power of Nature: Step into our world and embrace the magic of 100% natural products. We connect you with the untouched treasures of the Amazon, providing you with the raw materials necessary to experience the miraculous healing properties of our natural medicines. It’s not just about purchasing; it’s about entering a realm of holistic wellness and authenticity. 🌟

🌍 A Tapestry of Indigenous Wisdom: Our commitment goes beyond business. We are on a mission to share the profound experiences and wisdom of various indigenous communities. With the Matses, Shipibos, Ticunas, and more, we form a harmonious network to bring you the purest essence of Amazonian nature. Each product you buy is a thread in this intricate tapestry, connecting you to the roots of ancient knowledge. 🌾🌄


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🌿 Welcome to Ok Natura - Your Journey to Amazonian Natural Bliss 🌿

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🌿 Join us on this incredible adventure. Welcome to Ok Natura 🌿

💚 Sustainable Living, Sustainable Giving: We believe in the power of commerce to bring about positive change. When you shop with us, you’re not just purchasing; you’re contributing to the sustainable development of native communities. Your choices help these communities thrive while preserving their traditions and the Amazon rainforest. 🌳💫

🛒 Shop with Heart: Here at Ok Natura, we invite you to shop with your heart. Feel the profound connection to the Amazon, its people, and the gifts it offers. Your purchase is a journey in itself, an opportunity to make a difference, and a chance to embrace the beauty of nature. 🛍️🤝

Join us on this incredible adventure. Welcome to Ok Natura – where your shopping experience transcends mere transactions and becomes a heartfelt connection to nature, culture, and sustainability. 🌼🌞

Ok Natura

Let’s Get To Know Us

01. People behind Ok Natura

OK Natura is a family project established in Iquitos, Peru. We buy, plant, exportand distribute ethnobotanical plants and natural products from different ecosystems in Brazil, Colombia and Peru.

Currently we work with 01 local family and 02 different indigenous tribes in addition tothe other tribes that we articulate from their communities in the jungle. We guarantee the best quality of our products, we strive with great love on each package we send, and we are very grateful and satisfied for it.


02. Why Ok Natura?

  • Fair trade for our indigenous families

  • Secure shipments with tracking worldwide

  • No minimum order quantity

  • Safe, very discreet and personalized packaging

  • We generate sustainable development for our community

  • We plant more than we harvest

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