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Tracking Package

Find out how to track your package and stay informed about the journey of your order. Get real-time updates and make sure you’re always on. Track your package with ease!

If the tracking information does not appear? You can enter this link and copy the tracking numbers that were sent to your email, for national emails they begin with RR and end in PE.

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At Ok Natura, we’re not just an online store – we’re a gateway to a world of natural wonder, cultural enrichment, and sustainable harmony. 🌏✨

🌎 Where Nature Meets Culture: We proudly introduce ourselves as an indigenous e-commerce platform deeply intertwined with the Ocaina and Kapanawa tribes and their rich heritage. We are more than just a marketplace; we are the essence of “OK Natura,” where nature and culture merge to offer you a unique experience.

🌱 Discover the Healing Power of Nature: Step into our world and embrace the magic of 100% natural products. We connect you with the untouched treasures of the Amazon, providing you with the raw materials necessary to experience the miraculous healing properties of our natural medicines. It’s not just about purchasing; it’s about entering a realm of holistic wellness and authenticity. 🌟

🌍 A Tapestry of Indigenous Wisdom: Our commitment goes beyond business. We are on a mission to share the profound experiences and wisdom of various indigenous communities. With the Matses, Shipibos, Ticunas, and more, we form a harmonious network to bring you the purest essence of Amazonian nature. Each product you buy is a thread in this intricate tapestry, connecting you to the roots of ancient knowledge. 🌾🌄


About Us

🌿 Welcome to Ok Natura - Your Journey to Amazonian Natural Bliss 🌿

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Nicolás Ríos

Sales Manager

Para Abou Sin Ok Natura

🌿 Join us on this incredible adventure. Welcome to Ok Natura 🌿

💚 Sustainable Living, Sustainable Giving: We believe in the power of commerce to bring about positive change. When you shop with us, you’re not just purchasing; you’re contributing to the sustainable development of native communities. Your choices help these communities thrive while preserving their traditions and the Amazon rainforest. 🌳💫

🛒 Shop with Heart: Here at Ok Natura, we invite you to shop with your heart. Feel the profound connection to the Amazon, its people, and the gifts it offers. Your purchase is a journey in itself, an opportunity to make a difference, and a chance to embrace the beauty of nature. 🛍️🤝

Join us on this incredible adventure. Welcome to Ok Natura – where your shopping experience transcends mere transactions and becomes a heartfelt connection to nature, culture, and sustainability. 🌼🌞

Ok Natura

Let’s Get To Know Us

01. People behind Ok Natura

OK Natura is a family project established in Iquitos, Peru. We buy, plant, exportand distribute ethnobotanical plants and natural products from different ecosystems in Brazil, Colombia and Peru.

Currently we work with 01 local family and 02 different indigenous tribes in addition tothe other tribes that we articulate from their communities in the jungle. We guarantee the best quality of our products, we strive with great love on each package we send, and we are very grateful and satisfied for it.


02. Why Ok Natura?

  • Fair trade for our indigenous families

  • Secure shipments with tracking worldwide

  • No minimum order quantity

  • Safe, very discreet and personalized packaging

  • We generate sustainable development for our community

  • We plant more than we harvest

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