Everything you need to know about Mapacho and Tobacco

As we well know, not many of us know the importance of tobacco, much less what it is, and that includes the mapacho. To learn more about tobacco and mapacho I had to investigate and learn more about these consumable products. I had to research what makes people attractive about these tobacco and mapacho products. Why am I bothering to investigate all of this? To answer that question, I have to let you know that I have realized its importance and how it should be used correctly for personal consumption, for that we must first go back in our history and go to the origin of this wonderful product.

Tobacco was discovered at the end of the XV centuries by the character called Christopher Columbus, through the Indians of the Arawak tribe, in the Antilles (Los Aztecas), once in his power Columbus was spreading this wonderful product that was given to him by the Arawaks. Since then tobacco has become increasingly popular by characters such as: ABRAHAM LINCOLN; ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL, AMELIA AERHART, ALBERT EINSTEIN, Among many more. And today it is still a high-end consumer source for the user. On the other hand, tobacco spread in Europe, then it reached Russia, and in the seventeenth century it reached China, Japan and the west coast of Africa. But what interests us most is that tobacco originated in an area between Peru and Ecuador. And that is how it is all over the world today.

Blogs Posts Ok NaturaThe “rustic nicotine”, also called mapacho or picietl, which was described by Carlos Linneo. Mapacho is a kind of natural and powerful tobacco, without chemicals. It is very different from cigarettes, since it is considered here in the Amazon that it is not carcinogenic, the place of origin, as we well know, is from the entire American continent. When it is smoked, we use it as a way to clear energy; of a space and a person. It is also said that the mapacho helps to invoke the power of other medicinal plants. The natives speak of other “spirits” of plants sympathizing with the spirit of Tobacco

What is tobacco and where did it originate?

Today it is clear that in our history there are many tribes where we realize that the first ceremonial object that they possessed was tobacco, before knowing the famous drink called today as ayahuasca, the use of tobacco for these tribes has been very fundamental given in their beliefs since tobacco is a spiritual plant that gave you healing powers, which could be used in various ways such as: smoking it, chewing it, snorting it, in juice, ingested, in eye drops and even in enemas that varied in different tribes Its smoke was believed to purify and bless. It was also used to diagnose disease and help with treatment.

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The peoples of the Amazon used tobacco for recreational, medicinal and spiritual purposes that is why it is imagined that a large part of the tobacco has originated in America due to the great magnitude of tobacco that was prepared by the indigenous tribes, logically before the arrival of Europeans, since we are not very clear to this day, since currently throughout the world many cultures have manifested themselves with the same system that are found in the Amazon and therefore also tobacco.

When asked about the origin of their knowledge in medicinal and spiritual matters, the natives of the jungle will say that tobacco was the first spirit that communicated with human beings. The Tobacco plant has a strong and masculine spirit. It is like a grandfather who protects the energy body and always brings you to the present. It is a universal master plant that reaches all segments: fire, air, water and earth. It provides warmth and calms the waters, the emotions, somehow eliminating everything that is lethargic.

What is mapacho?

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In our Amazon, psychedelic or other plants are very important in our history. The mapacho, also called Nocotina rustica, has been part of indigenous religious and spiritual rituals for centuries. Mapacho is believed to be the original tobacco species that was brought from America to Europe.The tobacco is much more potent, chemically complex and potentially hallucinogenic compared to the mapacho Nicotiana rustica, although the mapacho has a much stronger smell, but more pure than Nicotiana tabacum.

Mapacho is often used for its entheogenic purposes by shamans due to its high content of nicotine and beta-carbolines, including the alkaloids harmala harman and norharman. These alkaloids are also found in the Amazonian plant Banisteriopsis caapi, one of the base ingredients of ayahuasca infusion. They are MAO inhibitors that work with chemicals in the brain and increase the levels of different types of neurotransmitters (serotonin, dopamine, tyramine, and norepinephrine) to stimulate the central nervous system. This stimulation proves that both tobacco and mapacho have antidepressant effects and help relieve mental and physical tensions, similar to other psychedelic drugs, such as psilocybin and ayahuasca.

 Effects of mapacho monkfish tobacco.

The mapacho is used in the culture of indigenous tribes such as Shipibo-conibo, Ashaninka, Kichua, Kaxinawa, Nu-nu, Yawanawa and Katukina. They ingest it in the form of a liquid infusion and through smoke. The spirit of the plant is believed to have healing and protective qualities.

Therefore, when you want to ingest the smoke of the mapacho by the shaman, you will begin to feel all the power and relief that this powerful ritual offers you. Which is no different with powdered snuff which can also be self-administered or blown into the nostrils by an experienced shaman, which is preferable. Because it is administered nasally, the effects are rapid and intense. If snuff is used in conjunction with other ceremonies, such as ayahuasca or kambo, it is said to also help detoxify the body, cleansing toxins and bacteria. After the cleansing process, a victim may experience side effects such as sweating, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Mapacho and snuff have numerous purported benefits, and their use serves many purposes, including:

  • Improving the senses
  • Increase energy, improve mood, and help focus
  • Induce visions and connections with the inner self and the environment.
  • Release emotional, spiritual and physical illnesses
  • Allow grounding of the mind and ease confusion
  • Open the mind and body to higher communication and holistic thinking.

What is the best quality tobacco.

Today there are hundreds of companies that are dedicated day to day to the harvest of tobacco, in order to have the best tobacco of good quality either in; taste, smell, that satisfies people. Given the great importance of tobacco, many companies benefit in a large economic amount, due to the extravagant volume that exists in the market, one of the best companies number 1 in the world today is MARBORO, a United States company that over the years has been positioning itself in the tobacco industry. But the best quality where you can find 100% in its pure and natural state is in the Amazon where there are hundreds of tribes, with the power of shamanism that will make you feel one with nature, you will live an extraordinary journey where your body will arrive. of strength, purity, vigor, relief, and endless extraordinary visions that you will never forget in your life.


Muchos te traen el uso, las recomendaciones en cómo usarlo, los lugares y lo genial que puede ser el tabaco y el mapacho, pero una vez estando contigo casi nadie te da el consejos y mucho menos recomendaciones en cómo cuidarlos, aquí te damos los mejores tips para que cuides tu Nocotina rustica y tu Nicotiana tabacum:

    1.– “Sunlight”.

– If your tobacco or mapacho is in a process of decomposition and you see that a white layer is coming off, do not be scared, do not think that it is no longer useful and the only solution is to throw it away, it is something very normal and very common that that happens, and the reason for that will always be the humidity and the place where you always keep it. The main solution is to put it in sunlight, you can put it on top of a reflector where it will give greater heat power and so that your tobacco dries faster and faster, eliminating the bacteria and the white fungus that is causing the tobacco and / or or mapacho. You have to repeat the same procedure, once you no longer see any white coating on your tobacco or raccoon it will be in perfect condition to be used again.

  1. – “Wrapped in paper”.

-Once your tobacco or mapacho has already been put in the sun and eliminated the white layer of fungus that surrounds it, the next thing you should do is cover with either toilet paper or newspaper, in order to take better care . In the tribes, what is most used to cover their tobacco is the banana leaf or the dry bijao leaf, for a good preservation.

  1. – “hermetic bags”.

– If you think that it is not enough for you and you think that with just wrapping in paper, your tobacco or mapacho you will have the same decomposition problem. What you should do is put it in an airtight bag with a lock to be 100% sure that you will not have that same problem of decomposition of your tobacco again.

  1. – “dry places”.

– To put an end to your problems of decomposition of your tobacco or mapacho, the most recommended thing is to simply store them in dry, isolated places, away from children, such as on a shelf or on a shelf and thus you can enjoy at the highest quality of your mapacho and pure and natural tobacco.

Tobacco     vs      Mapacho

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  1. Heal headaches.
  2. Attracts internal heat.
  3. Cure the axaqueca.
  4. Rheumatic pains when its leaves are heated and placed on them.
  5. Eliminate everything that is lethargic.
  6. Purify your body.
  7. Increased dopamine.
  8. Calms the body and soul.
  9. It is used for smoking, chewing, inhaling and drinking.
  1. Induces in a deep trance state.
  2. Heals you from bad vibes or evil spirits.
  3. It takes you to a calm of the body and mind.
  4. Contains great body satisfaction when smoked
  5. Provides warmth, motivation, and a good mood.
  6. Improve your sexual mood with your partner.
  7. Releases emotional illnesses.
  8. Increases the body’s energy.

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