CHIRIC SANANGO POWDER / 200gr at 1kg - (Brunfelsia Grandiflora) 100% Pure Natural and Organic BARK

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CHIRIC SANANGO POWDER - (Brunfelsia Grandiflora) Natural and Organic BARK

We offer here the powdered bark of Chiric Sanango which is one of our favorite sacred plants, it serves as an Anti-rheumatic, helps relieve arthritis and takes away the chill.
Chiric Sanango is an important healing medicine for our communities.

Teachers say it brings luck in the home. Chiric Sanango Remove the chillfrom the heart and connect you with the inner self. Chiric Sanango it makes you thoughtful and sensitive. Chiric Sanango is a master plant of the Sanangos family, which derives from the Quechua word "chiric" which means "cold". Chiric Sanango On the psychological plane it is a plant that serves to cure the "frosting of the heart" manifesting itself during the night in dreams of a high compassionate level. The Chiric Sanango among the healers it is known as the master plant that "takes away the chill" that is why it is widely used as an anti-flu in the Amazon and also used on the physical plane to heal those cold bodies, who suffer from chill hands and feet, poor circulation and numb body.

It is an excellent additive in ayahuasca potions.

The root is macerated in alcohol a portion of roots or you can marinate in a bottle of brandy for 8 days, add honey and take a glass every day. 


Ok Natura products are obtained and commercialized in a pure and 100% natural origin to native communities and do not contain any type of pesticide, chemical, herbicide or any other substance that is artificial. 


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