RAPÉ SNUFF - MIXTERIO / 5gr at 100gr / - (Ayahuasca + Chacruna + Huambisa + Mapacho + San Pedro) -

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RAPÉ SNUFF - MIXTERIO  - (Ayahuasca + Chacruna + Huambisa + Mapacho + San Pedro) -  Strong and Mystical Ash 

COMPOSITION: Tobacco, ash from Chacruna leaves, ash from the Huambisa, ayahuasca vine and ash from San Pedro powder.

INTENSITY: Very Strong.

USES: connects the fantastic world, the spiritual world.

MEDICNAL USES: generates visions, sounds, elevates you to a mysterious world, purifies your body and your mind, to be able to connect with beings from beyond.


Place the short end of the pipe in your mouth and blow once quickly and with enough force to deposit the powder from the pipe in the nasal cavity.


Ok Natura products are obtained and commercialized in a pure and 100% natural origin to native communities and do not contain any type of pesticide, chemical, herbicide or any other substance that is artificial. 


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William Lane
A great store to purchase South American naturals..

Love th9is pity shipping takes so long..

very good monkfish

The best monkfish I have ever tasted, I have no description, but the trip that has taken me is something unique and unforgettable, it was so beautiful that I am grateful that they sent it to me in good condition.

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