Everything you need to know about healing with Kambo

Without a doubt an unforgettable experience that I have never experienced before. I want to tell you about my experience of this extraordinary trip that I have had in the Amazon jungle. For a long time I had in mind to undergo a kambo treatment because of the healing powers that it has, I am so curious that I wanted to travel to the lung of the planet, the “Peruvian Amazon”, before doing the tours and go where the tribes to learn about kambo, I wanted to investigate a little more to have greater security, at first I had doubts about whether or not to do the kambo treatment, so I began to investigate and what I discovered is something that left me surprised without words, I never thought in my life that the Kambo was a “frog”. In my little information I had at that time, I said to myself, “God can’t be, they are going to feed me a poison frog,” and I laughed in a worrying way. I was almost going to decline in the two days that I was investigating and returning to my country of fear, but I decided to take a risk at the end and after all I said that many people already did it, but concern and doubts came to my head every time I I was thinking of the frog.

The moment had come, I got on a boat with 10 more people who were going to the same destination as me, I asked them if it was their first time and if they already had experience about Kambo, they all told me the same thing, that it was their first time. I felt a little calmer at that point as I wasn’t going to be the only one going to try the frog. Well, I had already arrived at my destination somewhat fearful but very determined, they gave us a very pleasant welcome, they divided us into two groups and from there my adventure began, I thought we were going to go straight to try the famous healing Kambo, but it was not like that. Along the way they gave us little tips about what we are going to do and what we should not do in that place, and what surprised me the most at that moment was that they told us that we were going to catch our own Kambo, in that place. At the moment I wanted to turn around and run away laughing at everyone, but I took courage and asked our guide, Are we going to eat our own food frog? I laughed in a worrying way along with the other companions, and my guide told us that they are not going to eat a frog, the only thing they will do is extract its powers. Since then the vibration inside me filled me with so much energy and enthusiasm that magically I really wanted to catch my own frog. We arrived at the house of the Great Chief, the leader of the Matsigenkas tribe gave us a great welcome, they gave us a drink called masato, very rich and nutritious, told us all about kambo and ayahuasca for which they are so important to the people of the whole tribe.

Before continuing with my events, I want to give brief very important information about Kambo, which I have learned a lot thanks to this trip and I know that it will serve you all if it is your first time on this heavenly and spiritual journey. I will answer almost all the questions that everyone asks the first time about Kambo.

Where does the Kambo come from?

The traditional application of kambó begins by going to the forest to capture the frog. Once found, it will be carefully immobilized by the legs, tying it in the shape of an X. The frog excretes a poisonous mucosa through the skin as a defense mechanism against predators. The secretion will be stimulated by the stress caused by handling the animal. It is collected with a bamboo branch and allowed to dry for storage.


Image: Kambo in their natural habitat in the Amazon rainforest, they are a group looking to hunt small fish and insects.

For indigenous cultures, it is a medicine that operates both in the individual’s organism and in the realm that is beyond the material, or the “soul.” Kambó is considered an entity or (spirit) that is responsible for the healing process. In this context, the frog is treated with the utmost respect and never harmed, since according to Amazonian beliefs, damage to the animal would anger its spirit, thus denying its healing abilities. After the extraction process, the animal is returned to the forest.

Now historically about kambo: The name itself “KAMBO” is called the frog because of the mucous secretion that sprouts on its back that was discovered by a Frenchman named Constant tastevin, in 1925 that all the knowledge that was given to him thanks to a tribe called Kaxinawa found in the Amazonian state in northwestern Brazil. For this reason, the Phyllomedusa bicolor frog was named for its texture and beautiful bright colors that it carries on its body.

how kambo works?

The Kambo is applied to a small wound that will be previously inflicted with a twig called tamishe with the incandescent pint, which is traditionally known by the name of titica. The frog’s secretion, previously hydrated, is applied to the wound.

Kambo Points
Image: Burning points necessary for the kambo ritual made in the Peruvian Amazon.

Are kambo scars permanent?

Kambo wounds are turned into scars by the same incandescent tip of the tamishe, these scars become permanent, as certain skin tissues are destroyed by burns.

The effects of kambo:

The main effects of the application of kambó seem to correspond to the peptides present in greater quantity, affecting the vascular system, glandular secretions of the digestive system, gastrointestinal activity and regulation of the pituitary-adrenal axis in the central nervous system.

When the acute effects end, a strong feeling of fatigue and numbness may appear, in which case it will be advisable to rest.

Prior to the application of kambó, a large amount of liquid is consumed, usually about two liters of water, to help with the purging process.

Can Kambo kill you?

I asked this question when I was told that the frog has a poison in the mucus on its back and thus extract the discharge. This poison is what must penetrate our body to feel and / or absorb the healing powers that this poison contains, therefore the dose will be measured by the number of points that are applied. Each spot contains an approximate amount of 10 mg of secretion and a size of approximately 5 mm in diameter. The dose chosen will depend on body size, previous experience with this substance and the reasons for the application or the tradition of the doctor.

* Low dose: 1 to 3 points.

* Average dose: 3 to 10 points.

* High dose: more than 10 points.


image: venom extracted from the back of the Amazon frog Phyllomedusa bicolor.

In summary, the kambo poison is very harmless so it cannot kill you, in addition to preventing certain concerns, it must be used by someone from the tribe with the knowledge and experience of applying the correct dose to your body. The dose and the number of points that can be generated in the body also depends a lot on the body mass of the body, generally in women it is placed on the legs, and in men on the shoulders.

How long does kambo treatment last?


image: Capture of the very famous X-shaped frog in the Peruvian Amazon with the scientific name Phyllomedusa bicolor.

where does kambo come from.

Once we enter the forest, we go in search of our famous Kambo frog, also scientifically called Phyllomedusa bicolor, which hides in humid places such as small puddles and trees with many leaves, they like to be at the height of the branches, the long ones About The length of the frog is 101mm to 111mm in the case of the female frog, and the male is around 93mm to 99mm, as I explained in one of my questions, once the frog is caught, the Matsigenkas tribe taught us to remove the poison.  He carries it on his back, tying him in the shape of an X and giving him small non-fatal blows, so that the frog, feeling stressed, can shed his self-defense, which is the poison on his back and with a bamboo. . Branch split in half, scrapes the poison very carefully and traditionally places it on a piece of wood that can be like cedar or coumala, once the poison is obtained, the frog is carefully released and set free.

Now that we have all the preparations, we prepare for the Kambo ceremony, the Great Chief is ready and begins to say some words that I do not understand, but they were words giving respect to Mother Nature and calling the spirits of the forest to begin. . The ceremony began with each of the people present, with me it was the third person, they made me 6 points, first they used a toothpick called tamishe burning the tip, with that they made me burn points, six in total, then they put the poison on me about me in the form circulates and they placed it in the wound that the great chief made, I must certainly be honest that at that time I did not feel so comfortable that we say, but we continue with the ceremony, once I placed the poison in the six points that the big one made me boss, I will not deny that I began to feel a strong pain, a tremendous burning, like needles that penetrated my flesh, my heart was beating very fast, even at the rhythm. . of the drum, the effect was almost instantaneous, the first symptoms of the yes were nausea, it did not take me more than five minutes to vomit, then I had to drink a lot of water about two liters of water, when I finished vomiting I was left without strength. I went to bed. In the fetal position, I felt like I was spending no more than 10 minutes in total, but in itself it was like 30 minutes in total for the entire trip.

The experience that the big boss gave me was something unique, the things that I saw inside my mind, the dimensional journey towards something that I never thought I would see, it was beyond incredible. You certainly feel that a true purification within the body is something very unique.

Extra information.

where to buy kambo:

The main places to find the famous Kambo are: Peru for being a country with a large number of tribes, which are very attached to the customs and spiritual beliefs of nature and abundance of the Phyllomedusa bicolor frog, another place is also Brazil for a lot of shamanic knowledge that exists in the hometown, other countries is also Bolivia and among others.

I really thank those readers for staying until the end of this blog; I did it specifically for those people who dare to try kambo for the first time. They won’t regret that, I’m sure. Thanks.

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