UNIQUE SLIDES OF AYAHUASCA - (Banisteriopsis caapi) - Handmade Original

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SLIDES OF AYAHUASCA - Handmade Original


  • Used as a traditional medicine by indigenous communities in South America for its psychoactive properties.
  • Used in shamanic rituals and spiritual practices for its ability to induce altered states of consciousness.
  • Can be used as an aid in self-exploration, healing, and personal growth.
  • Can help individuals gain insight into their inner selves and the world around them.

How to use it and utilities:

  • The unique slides of Ayahuasca are typically used in ceremonial settings under the guidance of a shaman or experienced facilitator.
  • They can be used in combination with other traditional plant medicines, such as the leaves of the chacruna plant (Psychotria viridis), to create the Ayahuasca brew.
  • The experience typically involves drinking the Ayahuasca brew and allowing the effects to take hold, which may include vivid and profound visions, emotional release, and deep introspection.
  • The experience may be intense and challenging, but can also be transformative and healing.

Other names it is known by:

  • Ayahuasca vine.
  • Yage.

Pros (Benefits):

  • Can be a powerful tool for personal growth and healing.
  • Has been used for centuries by indigenous communities in South America for its medicinal and spiritual properties.
  • Can offer a unique and transformative experience for those who are open to it.

Cons (Warnings and Safety):

  • Ayahuasca can be physically and mentally intense and is not recommended for everyone.
  • It can interact with some medications and medical conditions, so it's important to consult with a healthcare professional before use.
  • The experience can be unpredictable and may involve challenging emotions and physical sensations. It is important to be in a safe and supportive environment and work with an experienced facilitator.

OK Natural products are obtained and marketed in a pure state and of 100% natural origin to native communities. They do not contain any type of pesticide, chemical, herbicide or any other substance that is artificial.

• These effects of this product are supported by the empirical experience of ancient traditional medicine with excellent results. The absence of harmful side effects if administered within the correct dose. But the information identified here is in no way an ordinance or prescription.
• The use of these natural products does not replace a medical consultation.
• All products are legal in our country of origin, it is the responsibility of the client to investigate the legality of this in the country of destination.
• The statements and links to websites contained therein have not been evaluated by the FDA and international food and drug authorities.
• In no way imply medical claims regarding the ability or efficacy of any of our products to treat, prevent or mitigate any illness or disease.
• The use and application of our products is the sole responsibility of the customer.

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marco Andres
beautiful crafts to attract positive energies.

I love this craft, I have it at home as an amulet and I feel that it protects me and attracts good things to the home, an excellent OKNATURA product.

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