UNIQUE SLIDES OF AYAHUASCA - (Banisteriopsis caapi) - Handmade Original

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SLIDES OF AYAHUASCA - Handmade Original

Beautiful piece of ayahuasca slice made by hand, each piece is worked by artisans descendants of the Shipibo, the work process is very laborious and long, approximately 5 days of work to have 1 piece of these, they are unique and very beautiful products. They are a powerful talisman of our natural world.
All of these pieces are astonishing wonders of nature and each displays its own unique shape and pattern.
Each piece is hand sawed and sanded after being carefully cleaned and cured.
They are then coated with a nice glaze to give them a glass-like finish and make them more durable.
The ayahuasca we work with is cultivated, it is not forest ayahuasca, that is why the sustainability of the product is guaranteed, it is not massive. The grandmother is asked permission in a ceremony so that it can be cut and used in craft work.



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marco Andres
beautiful crafts to attract positive energies.

I love this craft, I have it at home as an amulet and I feel that it protects me and attracts good things to the home, an excellent OKNATURA product.

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